Brand Design Check

Uncategorized 26 Jan 2017

I know who I am, do you? As a brand, your identity is everything. My opinion is that a coherent brand is everything for a strong identity. The Brand Design Check is a thorough analysis of all visual design carriers of a brand. It is suitable for every brand and every company, regardless of size, online or offline.

Steps of the Brand Design Check

A coherent brand is a strong brand; this brand has a clear identity. The brand mentality determines its visual identity, which will attempt to reflect the brand’s essence. The brand mentality and visual identity should be the core foundation of all brand design carriers. So, what exactly is being checked to ensure your brand’s clarity? All visual material that the brand generates. Think of products and services, external and internal communications, along with the communication of the company headquarters themselves, such as architecture. The results are gathered in a report that shows exactly where your brand’s visuals are preforming well, and which items could be improved.

The brand mentality and visual identity should be the core foundation of all brand design carriers

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What does the report enable you to do? The report enables you to adjust and improve your brand, and make it more consistent. You now know the exact location of inconsistencies, and the risk they pose to your brand. As an objective third party, I can show you things you may not see yourself. This check deals with a variety of issues, including the brand’s core values, mission, vision, brand personality and associations people have with your brand. However, the check also dives into physical communication in terms of architecture, the five senses, people, and the overlap between mentality and actual behavior of the brand.

Seeing your reflection

As Chinese general, military strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”Defining your identity and knowing yourself allows your brand to be stronger and to endure the test of time. Finding out how coherent your brand is depends on your demands, the number of design carriers and how well your brand has been defined previously.

Prices for this in-depth analysis and report differ based on these factors. Feel free to contact me and inquire about your price. Many brands have asked for help in defining and representing themselves, but due to the nature of the check and the competitive environment, most clients kindly ask their checks not to be published online. Don’t be shy – ask me for stories of enthusiastic launching customers and I will gladly walk you through them. Are you ready for your brand to hold up the mirror?