We work with an enthusiastic and inspired team to develop places where people feel welcome. Our territory is the public space. Our ambition is to create spaces which are open and offer a place for everyone. Places that don’t exclude anyone.

We welcome talent

We’re experts in highly effective social experiences. Creating places where people feel welcome. We believe in Third Places, as coined by the American sociologist Ray Oldenburg. They are cornerstones in creating better societies and to prevent decline of civic life. We’re privileged to work on lovely projects. Currently prepping for even more – in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Bonaire, the Middle East, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. And our lovely and growing team is welcoming new team members!

Do you feel the need for a more inclusive society? Want to join a warm, young and motivated team? Do you like to bring ideas, knowledge and your personality? You’re more than welcome! Apply now! Even if we don’t have the exact job opening you’re looking for, you can always reach out. You don’t think of the things you don’t know. And in this case the only issue could be that we don’t know you… yet!

Applying made easy: just shoot us an email with a brief motivation, your resume and / or portfolio and we’ll be in touch! At this point, we welcome with open arms: