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Luxor: Reloaded

July 19, 2020

In any story, the setting plays an important role. What is describes is not just the physical surroundings but also the time in which characters, or people, live and interact. When evaluating the repositioning of a theater, we took the setting and thereby society into consideration.

The New Luxor (Het Nieuwe Luxor), one of the largest theaters in the Netherlands, has an iconic location. It is nestled into the banks of the river Maas in downtown Rotterdam. The New Luxor is anticipating a repositioning, carried out by The Alignment House. An important goal of this reorientation is to maintain and further strengthen the contact with the people of Rotterdam, actively using connection and imagination in doing so. The repositioning will be visible in the programming: the way Luxor communicates, the organization of Luxor itself and of course in the buildings that must optimally serve the repositioning. In short: the New Luxor has to evolve into more of a social, urban machine.

For the development of the Masterplan we not only look at the New Luxor Theater but also at its direct surroundings.

 Eunice Ma Eunice Ma Interior Architect & Researcher at includi

Looking forward..and back

The purpose of the MasterPlan is to explore what it means if the new positioning of Luxor is translated into the physical environment and to set an inspirational target. We therefore not only look at the New Luxor Theater but also at the direct surroundings of the theater on Rotterdam’s Wilhelminapier. Because change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s necessary to also consider the dynamics of Rotterdam South, specifically how Luxor can respond. This refers to developments that have made the place what it is today, current developments and those that will be initiated in the future.

The MasterPlan is composed of a set of physical and chronological studies, based upon user research, excursions and design workshops. First, the existing situation is presented, whereby we look from the outside in. Then we sketch out the developments over time, focusing on specific programmatic aspects with a summary of user requirements. With all these aspects in mind, we then zoom in on the new situation through the RPM, our Relative Positioning Map, that sets the typological conditions for the new situation.

Full societal speed ahead

Taking all these aspects into account, we created an inspirational outlook on the future theater with some iconic extensions. These will help the New Luxor improve Rotterdam’s social fabric; a mixed mesh that will be adorned with a bustling brooch in the form of the local theater.

Project Credits

MasterPlan for the New Luxor
Client: Nieuwe Luxor Theater
Team includi: Aat Vos, Eunice Ma en Hélène IJsselstijn
Cost consultant: AT Osborne
Image: includi