January 30, 2017

Your home is a reflection of who you are, which is why a library should reflect its organization. What if this organization’s main characteristic is being flexible? How can you incorporate this motto into a public space with the help of interior design?

The first thing on the program for Weert Library was a big spring cleaning to enable us to start off with a canvas that wasn’t white, but definitely decluttered. We gave the library a paint job to start off with a fresh look. Next, we proceeded to make space; as many books as possible were stored up against walls to allow flow and movement of people and ideas. Once more space was created, we were free to add some fun. Bright colors and outstanding graphics enticed the eye and a central gathering space equipped with a fancy espresso bar enticed the taste buds.

Once more space was created, we were free to add some fun.

Aat Vos Aat Vos Creative Director at includi

We wanted this space to make a good first impression because this library was so representative, so the focus was directed toward the frontal display. For the final visual kick, iconic and amusing furniture was the icing on the cake. Being flexible means being agile, being mobile. What better way to symbolically convey this than through desks propped on bicycles and tables based on flipped skateboards? Of course we also added easy to reach bookshelves for the youngest of patrons, as well as a giant stuffed bunny cushion to settle down in for a read.

A third place in a whole new world

A new concept was introduced to the library to showcase its versatile nature. We designed ‘library worlds’ as mini libraries, each with a specific atmosphere and custom collection of literature. Wood, plastic, metal and glass all came together to show flexibility and different approaches, along with an array of fabric textures and vibrant colors of the new furniture.

Weert Library went from being stuck in an interior of outdated library looks to an authentically innovative space with an open and inspiring atmosphere. By restructuring and reigning in the disorder, we encouraged movement, which is one of the pillars of flexibility. In the end, we created a library that truly reflects its organization by being flexible and having an inviting open space that now appeared twice its original size. We are proud that this space was nominated for the Dutch Library of the Year Award in 2015.

Project credits

Design team: Chantal Derks (furniture and decoration), CreaBea (visuals)
Photography: Marco Heyda