Designing is one thing, getting things done is another. With our help, creating your own third place becomes easier. We can help, at any stage of any process. Simply add our specific knowledge to your project by coupling us to your team, any time you like. Keep in mind: the sooner, the better the impact. We are an experienced, multidisciplinary sparring partner that’s ready to guide you along the way.

Jury Member

The outcome of any contest is only as good as its jury. When it comes down to selecting the right consultant, architect or interior architect for your third place project, we can help. As a jury member, we enable you to take a look through our lens of third place knowledge – making it easier to select that one entry with the most promise for an engaging third place.

Art Direction

We’re hands on designers – we know what it takes to build bespoke interiors. Sometimes things don’t live up to your expectations. A little help during the execution makes all the difference. We take on the role of art directors with a supportive approach and inspirational mindset, helping you and your team achieve the maximum result. We make sure your third place turns out just as good as you planned – and even better.

Tendering Support

In this legal world, tendering conditions are decisive for the process of a project. They determine cost, content and cooperation. We understand that building any third place is about inclusivity – and that desired endstate starts at tendering. Together with (your) legal partners, we deliver input for tenders that create connection rather than constraints, and put you, your budget and your third place first.


How to make sure your third place design is fit for an engaging future, and how can you ensure your architects are designing with your users in mind rather than for themselves? As architects, we speak the language of architecture and as supervisors of your design team we can help steer design decisions to enable rather than obstruct your third place. No worries about red pens here: we believe in inclusivity.