People give meaning to places. Understanding people’s motivations and implementing what we’ve learned from those who know more or better is a continuous learning process. Designing places where people feel welcome is nothing but designing time well spent. The knowledge gathered through our research is the foundation of this craft. We cater to the needs of different visitors while balancing things like fun, local heritage and aesthetics.

Design Workshop

Our interactive design workshop is the most effective way to develop and design your future third place. Over the course of one week, your blank canvas of ambition turns into a concrete floor plan of solutions. Bonus: by the end of the week, your team will have turned into a crew of ambassadors.


Whereas the design workshop turns your ambition into a floor plan, the LookBook takes it to the next level of reality. You get three documents. The LookBook itself carefully explains the why, how and what of your third place. The TechBook is a substantive set of drawings zooming in on the details. To top it off, the CodeBook provides in-depth understanding of all colors, materials, props, lightning and furniture. Read: a perfect foundation for tendering.


How do you set the outline for your long term goal? How to ensure future designers understand your ambition and speak your language? How to convey your vision in a concrete preliminary design? Our MasterPlan does just that. They offer focus using the definition of the why and turn that into a set of quantitative and qualitative spatial conditions. The MasterPlan is your guide for upcoming developments. It helps any new travelers to easily embark on your future journey.

Architectural Classics

Sometimes you need classic architectural services. We are not afraid of the real deal. We are happy to upgrade all of our work to the all-inclusive way of working of the DNR (NL) or HOAI (DE). This can be applied to just one phase, or encompass the whole package of all classic architectural services.