You don’t think of the things you don’t know. We offer insights and visuals from creatives, architects, sociologists and policymakers, just to name a few. We take pride in sparking ideas, whether it’s by giving a talk, lending a voice to the local community or putting on our thinking caps together with you. Across all different types of formats and media, we share our findings to enrich your knowledge.


Spice up your event with an inspirational talk from our team. Learn about third places, the context surrounding them and their requirements. We illustrate with plenty of examples and case studies. Warning: epiphanies and ideas ahead.


Hear directly from the people who experience third places. Our mini documentaries explore the communities that adopted and now enjoy third places.

Video Report 

Our video reports disclose the entire process of our workshop weeks and help people understand the decisions we made together. The video spreads the word to important stakeholders. Get politicians, influencers, your neighbors, staff, users and even your family on board. Sharing the story of your potential third place has never been this easy.

Idea Workshop

Always wanted to sync ideas, ambition and vision of your team? Our idea workshop helps you to do just that. Over one day, we dive into the first ideas, needs and target groups and provide you with a rough glimpse of your ‘Why’. Also included: a one-of-a-kind inspirational sketch drawn live.