Why guess when you can know? After all, assumption is the mother of messing up. Silence allows for active listening. This is where research comes in, both to discover and to substantiate. Quantitative to qualitative, we get the full picture to base our decisions on facts and evidence. From fundamentals like demographics to detailed user investigations or zoning plan studies, we ensure you know where to go.

Data Analysis

Numbers don’t lie. At least if you understand them. Mine data from reliable sources to grasp the situation of a specific location, neighborhood, city or community. Data provides insights into the local humans and the underlying social fabric. We zoom in on demographics, economics, welfare, housing situations and economic sociology. The findings are presented in inspirational diagrams and maps.

User Investigation

Do users know what they want? It’s a clear maybe. Sometimes we don’t know something was missing until we talk about it. Our user investigations offer a special way of getting users to voice their needs. Easy and low threshold, our own card games are one of many effective tools.

One To One

Get in-depth knowledge of your visitors through personal conversations. Street interviews, stakeholder interviews and live focus group sessions enable you to develop insights into the real motivations of your users.

Feasibility Study

What would be the best location for your future venue? How do you implement your vision into your current building? Which part of your community do you need to activate? What is the epicenter of your social infrastructure? Our feasibility studies provide real, substantial knowledge and evaluations as a solid foundation for decision-making.

Design Brief

What are the right conditions for your third place to flourish? How do you optimize your own design briefing for that important architectural contest? How do you keep a bird’s eye view and make sure your designer understands how to implement your vision? Our design briefs provide clarity thanks to thorough research and workshops using our own methods like the RPM (Relative Positioning Map).

Why Workshop

Ever since Simon Sinek taught us to start with ‘why’, we begin at the core. Finding the heart and soul of your organization is like a journey to the source of the Nile – it provides clarity and focuses your entire team. This is an interactive experience you don’t want to miss (yes, it’s fun too)!