Lookbooks & Masterplans

The lookbook contains all design decisions and forms the perfect basis for further engineering by local contractors. The masterplan focuses more on conditions for the final design, which can be followed by art direction by Aat Vos. In composing these masterplans, we use our Relative Positioning Map as a tool to determine conditions for future development.

Inquire about Lookbooks & Masterplans

In addition to a Multi-day Experience workshop, Aat Vos can develop comprehensive lookbooks and masterplans. The lookbook contains all design decisions and forms the perfect basis for further engineering. The masterplan focuses more on conditions for the final design.


In short, a Lookbook defines, describes and specifies the interior design and its principles, materials, furnishings, and colors in both 2D and 3D. It forms the perfect starting point for further development by engineers, (interior) architects and structural or interior contractors.
It contains texts and drawings, in both 2D and 3D, of all functional and spatial specifications on: floor plans, architecture, interior design, lighting design approach, design approaches on installations, finishing of surfaces, materials and colors, specials, fixed and contract furniture, signage, people finding their way, props and detailing.
It describes the current situation, the modifications, and the new situation, highlighting the expected engineering focus-points. A Lookbook can act as a very practical guide and comes with DWG + PDF + SKP drawings.


A Masterplan is different, it answers questions such as: “How do we translate the vision into the physical environment? In which way can the insights that have come about during user research, context analysis, exploratory discussions and/or one-day workshops come together and be translated spatially? And what does that mean for the different levels of scale at which your Place manifests itself?’

A Masterplan describes the conditions for the further spatial and functional development of your Place in time. It involves three levels of scale: urban planning, architecture and interior, and is a logical follow-up to the One-day Workshop “The Idea”, or the vision that has been developed.

The plan contains a summary of scans of the physical immediate environment of your site, based on desk and online research of public facilities (culture, education, recreation, hospitality, transport), the history and heritage of the site, the sociopolitical context and the expected future spatial and social developments. Evaluation of these data occurs together with your team.

The plan also contains an analysis of the relative positioning of the new compared to the current situation via our Relative Positioning Map method. This interactive method has been developed to discover, together with the client, the spatial properties of the future situation and to offer relevant references. Insights from -among others- Maslow, Whyte, Underhill, Alfonso & Skorupka, Freytag, Hertzberger and Pine & Gilmore are used.

Art Direction

To complete the full circle, Aat Vos can be asked for art direction and design supervision to ensure a proper translation of the Lookbook or Masterplan during the engineering, tendering and execution phases. This does require a formal position with regard to engineering and consulting third parties.