Knowledge brings understanding. Understanding brings a vision. The aatvos team can research the current situation in proximity to your site, enlightening you with user profiles and demographic numbers. These are essential if you want to improve what your space is offering.

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User Investigation by the aatvos Team

Get extensive insights into your client’s role – and personality-related needs through a variety of survey methods. This research will address ‘who do we deal with’, ’what do we deal with’, ’what do we need’ and ‘when do we need it’. The results are delivered in a PDF abstract with clear graphs and overviews.

Target Group Investigation through Interviews

To understand the motivation of your target group, you need to ask the right questions. Our team can organize live in-depth interview group sessions. Our team will prepare discussion topics based on the project’s goals. Sessions include a professional discussion leader and can be followed in a separate room.
These are just two of the User and Target Group research methods. Contact us in case you are interested in the other options.

Physical Site Scan

Want to know the insights of the neighborhood of your Place? Aat Vos’ team conducts scans of the physical site based on desk, online and onsite research. The outcome on public, cultural, music, transportation and education facilities within close proximity to your site will be shared with your team to evaluate. Besides the current and active situation, the team will also map the history and heritage of the site. The results are presented as a PDF booklet.

Political and Policy Stakeholder Site Scan

Every Place has a local political or social goal such as revitalizing a neighborhood or bringing people of different ages together. Through interviewing stakeholders and politicians, and mapping local ambitions, Aat Vos’ team helps link the project to local needs & necessities. The political and policy stakeholder site scan is based on desk research of their written policies and ambitions, filtering on the scope of the project. Before presenting, the validity of the findings is checked through live interviews with the existing stakeholders.
Feel free to ask our team about the options for you.